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Simply Comfy | DIY Paint Tools Set

Painting your home doesn’t need to be messy!  

Get expert results for a fraction of the time and price with our DIY Paint Tools Set. This set has everything you need to complete flawless, high-quality paint projects whether on your walls, ceiling, doors, or furniture. 

Time Saver:Painting can be incredibly time-consuming. But not with our DIY Paint Tools Set. With no need for drop sheets or tape masking, there’s no prep! All you need to do is paint!

Wide Coverage: The paint roller brush has a wide diameter ideal for painting large flat surfaces such as doors, floors, walls and ceilings.

Perfect Finish: Thanks to its ultra-soft microfibre fabric, you’ll get an even finish on both smooth and rough textures.

Long-Lasting Quality:This ultra-fine flocked brush is safe to be washed and reused again and again. Just be sure to wash and dry the roller after painting, and store it in a cool, dry spot. So you can complete all the paint projects you need to, without having to invest in a new brush. 

Fillable Roller:Ready to paint? All you need to do is pour the paint inside the brush’s cylinder and snap the lid shut. This system will protect your back from constantly bending over to reload your roller, and protect your floors from unsightly splatters! 

Material: plastic + super soft crystal fabric + stainless steel
Size: Large roller head: 19.5*21cm
Small roller handle: length 25cm
Roller diameter: 10cm
Shovel brush: 20*6.8cm
Cup: bottom width 6.4cm, height 15cm
Groove: 21.9cm long and 11.9cm wide
Product weight: 690g/set
Product colour: Blue