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Hip Trainer - Thigh Exercise Equipment

💪 Built a beautiful booty and tightened your hips to have a good body shape now! 💃

Hip Trainer  - Thigh Exercise Equipment - simplyconfyhome

New Released Hip Trainer, Shape Perfect Curve!

The newly released hip trainer is designed for legal exercise, use this thigh master for 2-3 groups of training every day, and your legs, hip, and thigh muscles will get a good workout. you can shape perfect buttocks, and correct your posture with this efficient thigh sculptor machine.

Hip Trainer  - Thigh Exercise Equipment - simplycomfyhome

Our Hip Trainer exercise products are effective to train pelvic floor muscles strength and adjust & tighten the thighs, buttocks, and lower abdominal muscles. 

Hip Trainer  - Thigh Exercise Equipment - simplycomfyhome

✅【Easy & Efficient Use】: The Tight & Beautiful Hip Device activates the hip muscle in a short time to give the most lifted and charming hip.

✅【Ergonomically Designed】: It makes buttocks and lower limbs more flexible, pelvic floor strengthening, and enhances intimacy. 

Hip Trainer  - Thigh Exercise Equipment

The benefit of using Thigh Exercise Equipment:

❤️ Effectively strengthens your pelvic floor muscle
❤️ Adjusts & tightens your inner thighs, butt, and lower abdominal muscles
❤️ Activates the thigh adductor and gluteus maximus muscles
❤️ Exercise your hip to leg muscles and ultimately give you a fascinating hip curve


✅Item: Inner Thigh Exercise Equipment
✅Free Gift: Massage Ball
✅Color: gray, pink, purple
✅Material: PVC+ high-quality steel plate
✅Net weight: 320g Gross weight: 320g


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