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Stainless Steel Mighty Pegs

Hang, Organize, Decorate and Much More With Direct From Factory Stainless Steel Pegs

Forget the flimsy, weak and poorly made plastic or wooden pegs. They might look attractive, but they do not get the job done properly.

Try to remember how many times you have found your pegs broken within just a week, or how many times have you found your clothes flying off because your regular pegs lose grip?

Make your daily life more organised and worry-free!

The Last Pegs You Will Ever Buy:
These laundry pegs don’t break as they are made from one piece of stainless steel wire. 

They last for years, unlike plastic and wooden pegs that deteriorate under the sun.

Other cheaper steel pegs on the market are made with low-grade stainless steel that rust and mark your clothing.

Made from premium quality heavy gauge 304 stainless steel, our pegs are weatherproof, corrosion-resistant and most importantly RUSTPROOF ✔️

The durable and heavy-duty design makes sure that they won’t bend or snap under the weight of heavy and wet clothes.

Why Mighty Pegs?

  • Rustproof, no stains (unlike cheaper pegs)
  • Tight clamp to make sure your clothes never get blown away with the wind
  • No sharp edges or corners that can hurt you
  • The soft and rounded shape allows easy opening with little effort
  • Smooth and gentle clips won’t leave any marks or impression on clothes
So Masy Uses:
  • Hang clothes
  • Works as a paper-clip
  • Make a photo wall
  • Hang sticky notes
  • Seal food packets
Be Proud Of Yourself; You Are Making A Difference:
  • A plastic-free laundry solution
  • Zero waste stainless steel pegs can be recycled
  • Long-lasting for years to come
  • Great gift for an eco-conscious friend